Everybody's Got To Be Somewhere        Jack Greene

First I'd better present my credentials. By the time I was in the sixth  grade I had changed schools ten times, in six towns in Georgia and Tennessee. You might think a child raised in that way would buy a house as soon as he could afford one and never travel farther than the local post office. Well, no, since then 2 countries, 9 states, 10 cities, 15 houses; 3 kids but only one wife and Janet is enjoying the ride. After all, Ray Charles gave his guidance, "Hit the road Jack."

It's the kids who settled, and they'd lived in only 8 houses before college. Then they went to ground, in Salt Lake City, in Philly, in Hollywood.

 We produced only stereotypes; a ski bum (no, that is not befitting n telemarks instructor at Alta), a Philadelphia lawyer and a Hollywood writer. 

Sometimes I think the only thing I taught the kids was how to get on an airplane; but if that's the only thing it's a pretty good one. It's not that the kids don't travel, they've been to places all over the world that I haven't but they always come back to home base.

In the 15 years since we last owned, a Hilton Head Island condo, Jan and I have rented and stayed for months at a time in five states and a Canadian province; 37 different units; moved over 2 ¼ times per year on average. I am still a business consultant, and when I sometimes stay in a resort town and serve a client, it’s a double benefit.

 Put some effort into the planning process, because you'll have months to enjoy yourself. Or not; that is a downside. Mess up on a week's vacation and it is aggravating, but when the lease runs three more months and you hate it….  Let's plan instead.

This book tells about our favorite places, and about the process, to find that community and a desirable place to stay, that will fit what you have in mind. Think resorts, but with months to see and do, at your own pace. Willy Nelson has it right, just can't wait to get on the road again.